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This line of jewelry was developed in 1974 and is based on the coinage of various nations.

COINS UNIQUE COMPANY creates each jewelry item from a design cut out from an actual coin, using a touch of creative originality.

Each of the cut coins serves as a model in casting process, using high quality Pewter.  The final product is available as a necklace and / or keychain.  Pewter is a popular white metal alloy, containing 95% Tin, and the rest is Antimony, Copper and Silver.  Pewter will not tarnish.


COINS UNIQUE COMPANY chooses popular subjects such as animals, birds, flowers, ocean life, and nautical designs.  These designs traditionally have had wide appeal to people of all ages and interests.

COINS UNIQUE COMPANY sells to various gift stores, zoos, museums, and other tourist attractions in the USA and in other countries.

We would like to give you, The Cyber Shopper, an opportunity to order and obtain some of our products directly from us, for a  substantial discounted retail price.

COINS UNIQUE COMPANY has over 250 different designs of international cut coins.  On this Web Page, we have selected two-dozen designs in the Nautical, Birds, and Animals categories.  Next to each cut coin shown, we indicate the code number, the name of the country, and the actual size.

For the Internet sale, we are offering each of the illustrated Pewter cut coins for only:  $12.00!

Price includes 24" neckchain or keychain.


For further information about our complete line, please drop us an E-MAIL at



 137a   178a  183a

137a - Bahamas 1-1/4"     178a - Ireland 1-3/8"     183a - Virgin Island  1-3/8"

 233a  235a  239a

233a - Germany 1-1/8"     235a - China 1-1/2"     239a - Tuvalu  1-1/4"

 249a  271a  272a

249a - Greece 1-1/8"     271a - Belize 1-1/2"     272a - England  1-1/2"

 274a   275a  285a

274a - Belize 1-1/2"     275a - Uruguay 1-1/8"     285a - Malawi  1-1/8"

 289a  290a  292a

289a - Bahamas 1-3/8"     290a - Portugal 1-1/4"     292a - Poland  1-1/8"

 295a  304a  306a

295a - Belize 1-1/8"     304a - Israel 1-1/4"     306a - Canada  1-3/8"

 319a   322a  332a

319a - New Zealand 1-1/2"     322a - Cook Island 1-1/8"     332a - Papua  1-1/8"

 334a  338a  340a

334a - Canada 1-3/8"     338a - Bahamas 1-1/8"     340a - Rhodesia  1-1/4"









Coins Unique

Added: 08/22/2010